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If not add it to the cart next time you're online, or seek it out in a store or add it to your Christmas list.

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Vague-eyed but just arrogant enough to be a pop star.

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He had ended up as some sort of minder for Fuemana.

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We all seemed to know that much - but none of us knew anything close to the real story.

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It was brand new - and infectious.

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It was the sound of that summer.

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And Grigg, a fine writer, pulls no punches regarding Pauly - he is frank, honest.

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This book tells the story of the making of this hit record, and of the frustration at trying to create a long-term career for the deeply complicated artist who was clearly How bizarre how bizarre extremely charismatic man and excellent collaborator, but not the musical genius he through himself to be.

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It's telling that the album credits for the sole OMC album state "all vocals and instruments performed by Pauly Fuemana except

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He said something along the lines of writing a book that he was not sure would ever be released.

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He had been there from day one, seeing the song come to life, touring with it as Pauly appeared on Top of the Pops in the UK, as the song broke in Australia.

But it would be great to hear from members of the Fuemana family, for example, Excellent insider view of the rise and fall of a NZ star from someone who was there.

End of my first year at university, driving a car of friends home for the holiday, stopping off to drop off something in Levin - and that song burst from the speakers.

Fuemana, it seemed, from the details Grigg had supplied to me, was both his own biggest fan and worst enemy.

I hadn't heard the album in, I guess 17 or 18 years.

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