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It was an ugly cry, with my head hung over, my mouth gaping and upturned, my eyes clamped tight.

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As I followed in a slow procession of people inching toward the coffin, I understood why.

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It wasn't defined by anger, and I didn't try to suppress it.

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I try not to create narratives.

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When I went beyond just defending myself and tried to use force to teach people lessons about my own power and strength, I saw in myself the kind of internal brokenness I despised.

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Illustration by Seth Laupus The first place I faced some of these obstacles was in the classroom.

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This is art responding to a brutal and greedy society with even more brutality and greed.

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It's hard for me to even imagine his brown, freckled face turned up in agony with tears streaming down those stubbled jowls.

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Like many young black men searching for an identity, I bought a leather jacket and a beret before I ever critically read the works of Karl Marx and Frantz Fanon.

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