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I slip my right hand down my pajama pants and move slowly, careful not to bump my elbow into his side rib, or bring my hips into it.

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For one scene to stand out amongst the rest, when so many others are available, there has to be something below the surface.

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We fucked all the time, but even still, I wanted more, something only I could give me.

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I can describe something vanilla:

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It also seems necessary.

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Too many of my past relationships were doomed by my inability to tell the whole truth, to fully be myself.

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The body desires the convulsion the mind denies.

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I watch his face the whole time, not pausing when his smile becomes a frown and his eyes squint as if it hurts to look at me.

Like a busted dam, I can hardly hold back the rush of descriptors fumbling from my mouth:

The act of telling the truth, especially about something that makes us ache, is often the only absolution we need.

I told him these things from the start because I met him at a time in my life where I was ready and open for change.

He sees me and I see him seeing me and we are in new territory.

And so forth.

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